Full testimonials

These are unedited, from my clients. Don’t take my word for it, take theirs…

Once you have worked with Andrew, you will realise two things:

•   that any other personal trainer you have used has most likely been using guesswork rather than a science you can understand to help you maximise your performance

•   that for the first time you are not going to “put it all back on – because you will have undergone not just a transformation, but a lifelong education

Get ready to wear a heart monitor for every session so that he knows precisely how hard you are working and so that he can keep you “in the zone”.

Get ready to realise that you can’t out-train a bad diet.

Get ready to understand that it’s not how much you weigh, it’s what percentage of body fat you have.

Get ready for being stronger. You’ll be able to do more pull ups than you honestly thought possible.

Get read for being fitter. You will do the beep test and see precisely how fit you are.

Get ready for myfitnesspal – because Andrew understands that Diet is 80% of the battle; and that it’s not about Quantity, it’s about Quality and the ratio of protein, fat and carbs.

Get ready to understand that if you have 500 calories less per day for 2 weeks, and you exercise 3 times a week, you are going to lose a kilogram every week.

Get ready to realise that no personal trainer can change you on an hour a week, so expect Andrew to be in touch a lot more often than that to help you stay on track.

How do I know?

Because 3 years ago Andrew helped me get ready, He helped me understand the component parts of diet and fitness and educated me to the point that I could do it for myself for the rest of my life, after just 4 months.

The results were amazing – body fat fell in that period from 22% to 15%, equating to an 8 kilogram loss. From a standing start of 7 pull ups, I quadrupled that figure to 28. My Beep test went from Average for my Age (45) to Exceptional for someone half my age. These were precisely the results Andrew had predicted if I followed his advice and instruction. Simple Science – Special Results.

What however truly sets Andrew apart, (not including the simple Science you can Understand and the precise monitoring which ensures maximum value for manageable effort and the secret weapon of monitored nutritious eating) is:

•   Anyone can do it,. It sounds complicated, but it’s incredibly straightforward

•   It’s a permanent gift once you have the knowledge. A few small habits changed here and there make a dramatic and permanent difference.

Three years later I still eat well, and I am fit enough now to have completed my first half iron man 6 months ago. Permanent positive change.

Every other time I’ve lost weight, every other time….it has always gone back on. But not this time – thanks to what Andrew gave me over that 4 month period.

I would be delighted to be contacted by any prospective client to share further details of how Andrew can help you.

Jeremy Nicholls, 45, Director Recruitment Company

“It was very doubtful that anyone could motivate me to get out of bed at 6 am twice a week to exercise but I thought I would give it a go for a month or maybe even two. Four years later not only am I still going but I am fitter, stronger and more motivated than I have ever been. This is all down to Andrew’s skill, enthusiasm and dedication.”

Richard Hermer, 49, Q.C.

Training with Andrew has been one of the most positive steps I’ve ever taken. Every session is both enjoyable and challenging and results in exceptional fitness, steady and sustainable weight loss, overall body strength and improved self confidence. Andrew is incredibly committed to supporting and developing each client’s individual goals and his unique and safe methods ensure real success. Thank you Andrew!

Karen Van Creveld

Andrew is a brilliantly motivational trainer. I’ve had regular trainers and have always been fit and sporty but I have never been fitter or stronger than in my three years plus with Andrew.  His sessions work on both cardio-fitness and all round body strength and he encourages continual improvement – personal bests are there to be broken!  He varies the sessions so they are always interesting and challenging, he is thoughtful in accommodating any injuries and is knowledgeable on nutrition if you want weight loss as well. His sessions are hard, energising and addictive.

Rachel Hermer

When I started with Andrew, I was keen to get back to a previous fitness level that I hadn’t been at for over a decade. What surprised me was how quickly he worked out my weaknesses, and pushed me just to the right point. When I started, I could do 3 pull-ups. I can now do over 25. His sessions running up the hill are extraordinary.

His scientific approach, with extensive use of heart rates and comparing notes from previous sessions, sets him apart from normal trainers.

It’s not just strength and fitness. His nutritional advice and guidance has been transformational. I used to have a sweet spot for pastries and other snacks, and alcohol. Now, I almost hear his voice in my head, pointing out the ‘dead calories’ and steering me to better choices. I still indulge now and then, but I know that I have to make up for it with more good days than bad. And ‘bad’ days are way better than they once were.

Rob Minto, 42, journalist and client for 2 years.

I’ve been seeing Andrew for 4 years and think that he is an excellent trainer. As a result I’m in the best shape of my life. The sessions are fun and full of lifestyle advice. On a personal level he has a natural capacity to adapt his style to my energy levels which is important at 6.30 in the morning.

Philip Keller, 51, C.F.O. Asset managent

I have been Training with Andrew for 3 years. He is great at pushing you hard and also really good company.

Miquel Ferro, 47, Director media

Andy is second to none in terms of his professionalism, dedication and expertise. Not only in terms of training but also nutrition which is key. As Andy would say you can’t out-train a bad diet. He makes it pretty simple. Follow what he says and you are guaranteed results. He can also tailor your program to suit whatever your fitness goals are at the time. Practical, no nonsense training and advice. And actually makes training almost fun! Highly recommend.

Rosie Nicholls, 46 Lawyer

I’ve had sessions with Andrew twice a week for five years and once a week this year due to work commitments. He has been a huge influence over my life.  He has changed my eating habits and has motivated me to keep fit in my day to day life. He is always enthusiastic, getting the most out of me, and that can be a challenge on some days but I always feel so much better after our sessions. He has completely changed my body shape (I never expected to get abs after having 4 children!) and it hasn’t felt like hard work.  He is a very positive person to be around and very committed. I’ve genuinely fallen in love with exercise, which I thought would never happen and this is all thanks to Andrew.

Susie Mclinden, 46 Actress

After a knee injury and operation, I needed a personal trainer who knows how to motivate me and help me get fit again. I was really lucky to find Andrew who took time to understand my needs and then provided me with challenging yet interesting workout each session. Andrew is simply the hardest working PT I have encountered. He often trains with me (not just talk!) and inspires me to train much harder than I would done on my own. His enthusiasm is my driving force.

It’s impossible not to feel a huge sense of achievement after completing each session with him.

Belinda Ong, 45, City Accountant

I have been training with Andrew for over a year now and he has helped tremendously in taking a more holistic approach to exercise including monitoring my calorie intake. This did not entail a crash diet but was more of a gradual decrease in calories coupled with a renewed emphasis on which food groups to target and substitute items with the main aim being to change my relationship with food!

However the part that I enjoy most (and dare I say) relish is the training session which has an optimal mix of heart racing cardio activity interspersed with weights and more strengthening exercises. The amazing revelation for me was to discover my core strength improving within a short space of time despite my predominantly desk based job and generally to be able to race about with my children! I never thought I would look forward to running up a hill on a cold, dark winter’s morning but thanks to Andrew it’s the best start to my day and I feel ready to conquer the world (or at least Primrose Hill).

Gauri Kasbekar-Shah, 39, Director RBS

Andrew has helped me reach my goal of changing my body composition. He makes training exciting, challenging and fun.

Peter Schwartz Age 45 Partner Corporate Lawyer

My main aim when signing up with Andrew was to lose weight and feel stronger. Andrew’s outdoor training sessions on Primrose Hill were fun and effective. I saw great results over the time I trained with him and really enjoyed the mixture of cardio and strength training, my favourite exercise was the boxing.

Andrew is a brilliant PT who motivates and encourages you to reach your goals. He is always available for advice on nutrition and fitness beyond his training sessions as well as keeping you focused and getting the best out of you during the time you are with him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andrew to anyone who wants to get fit and healthy in 2018.

Sarah Brown Age 46 Interior Designer

Training with Andrew was life-changing for me. Before I met Andrew I just couldn’t maintain any exercise regime, I became bored and simply lacked motivation. I really had the best intentions to be fit and healthy but was defeated every time. After the birth of my son, I desperately wanted to be in the best possible shape. I made contact and after my first session I felt like Andrew could see my potential even though I couldn’t. He listened, cared and understood but was clear about what he expected. He came and took all my measurements and gave me advice on my diet. I kept a weekly online food diary which he checked regularly. We trained outside in Primrose Hill and believe it or not I loved being outside and not being confined in a gym, it was so refreshing. I was so unfit it was embarrassing, I couldn’t even do a squat and I dreaded the thought of a press-up. Nevertheless, Andrew was focussed every session, he was encouraging and kept me on my toes, in fact I was the only person working more or less non-stop in the outside gym area. Gradually, my fitness levels improved and I felt strong, not only in my body but my mind too. I couldn’t believe that I was running up Primrose Hill, no one could believe it tbh!! I even started running, pAndrew went out of his way and came with me to get me set-up. Andrew gives you 100% every session and helped me maintain a long-standing healthy, balanced attitude towards exercise.

Sanita Hochhauser Age 41 CBT Therapist